Navajo-Churro Wool and Roving – Shave’em to Save’em Heritage Sheep –

At Arriola Sunshine Farm we have a wide selection of raw fleece, roving and some yarn available for participants in the Livestock Conservancy Shave’to Save’em program

Visit our on-line store to shop for roving, raw fleeces including lovely hoggets by clicking here:

Relish in nature’s colors with our selection of Navajo Churro roving. Each is processed from only the highest quality fleece and is free of vegetative material. 

Navajo-Churro Roving
Navajo-Churro Roving in 4 ounce balls. Qualifies for Shave’em to Save’em program sponsored by the Livestock Conservancy


Yarn from our Brown Roving
This yarn was spun from our brown roving.

Our flock is 100% registered with the Navajo-Churro Association and our focus has been primarily on breed conservation. All of our sheep fall within the breed standards and we have placed well at sheep and wool shows. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing genuine Navajo-Churro wool and you are helping us conserve genetics important to the continuance of this breed and the traditional shepherding and fiber arts cultures that created this fascinating breed. 





Here are some examples of what we have available. You must contact us for details and to place an order.

We carry Navajo-Churro wool Roving in shades of grey, black, white, medium brown, tan and off-white.  
Navajo-Churro Roving in 4 oz Balls.

We have a wide selection of raw fleeces available as well. 

Raw fleece from mature ewe – brown fading to white.

Raw fleece – A hogget from ewe lamb.