Navajo-Churro Wool Fleece and Roving Available

Best of ShowWe raise award winning Navajo-Churro Wool and offer a variety of products

Noted for the interesting variety of colors. Navajo-Churro fleece is double coated.   About 2/3 is a finer inner coat and 1/3 is a coarser outer coat. The outer coat protects the sheep from elements and helps keep fleece clean. There may be a small amount of kemp fiber as well.  An ideal fleece is very lustrous, does not have any defined crimp and is open with defined locks. The sheep fade in color with age, often becoming white or off white in the outer coat while retaining various amounts of color in inner coat making for many shades of brown, tan, gray white and silver.  Relish in nature’s colors with our award winning selection of Navajo Churro wool and processed roving. Visit our store at to see what we have to offer
Navajo-Churro Wool
Example of fleece from a brown ewe named Thunder.
Our fleece has a soft inner coat of (22-30 microns) with a robust outer coat (25-40 microns). This blend of fine and coarse fiber makes a strong durable yarn. Considered medium in coarseness the fiber is excellent for outer garments, rugs slippers, upholstery, horse cinches, saddle blankets, weavings and more. Small amounts of kemp fibers create rugged textures and excellent tweeds. The fleeces felt well for awesome hats, boots and more. 



Navajo-ChYarn from our Brown Rovingurro sheep are a heritage breed included  in The Livestock Conservancy’s Shave’to Save’em program.  We are an approved supplier for this project. Visit  our on-line store to shop for roving and raw fleece including lovely hoggets (lambs fleece) by clicking here: 

Our flock is 100% registered with the Navajo-Churro  Association and our focus has been primarily on breed conservation. All of our sheep fall within the breed standards and we have placed well at sheep and wool shows. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing genuine Navajo-Churro wool and you are helping us conserve genetics important to the continuance of this breed and the traditional lifeways of the Hispanic and Navajo shepherding and fiber arts cultures that created this fascinating breed.  We carry Navajo-Churro wool roving in shades of grey, black, white, medium brown, tan and off-white.  

Navajo-Churro Roving in 4 ounce balls

Navajo-Churro Wool Roving White  Navajo-Churro Wool Roving 

We also have a wide selection of raw fleeces.  They vary in texture, coarseness, length and color. Shop our online store or send us a message about what you are looking for.  We offer discounts on orders of 50 pounds or more and are happy to work with you on your projects. Shop our store at
Navajo-Churro Wool Fleece
Navajo-Churro Raw Wool Fleece from ArS Moon Shadow
Lock of Navajo-Churro Wool
Lock of gray colored Navajo-Churro Wool Fleece. Note that after washing the brownish soil will be gone and you will have a beautiful gray fleece,
Navajo-Churro Ewe
Navajo-Churro Ewe named ArS Moon Shadow at Arriola Sunshine Farm.  She started out black when young and is now fading to gray with age.
Navajo-Churro are noted for the highly lustrous wool which will give a glow to your finished fiber project.