Navajo-Churro Breeding Lambs Available in 2024

We have a 100% registered flock of mature breeding ewes and rams.   Our next lamb crop arrives in late April. Stay tuned for pictures of new born lambs.  Also follow us Facebook for latest updates. Our next crop of lambs is due in early May 2024

We have breed to five rams this year and should have some diversity in lambs to offer as breeding stock. We expect to have 40 or more ewe lambs and ram lambs to offer later this year as breeding stock.   We may have a couple yearling and mature ewes available as well.  We have good pedigree records on most of our flock. Please contact us if you are interested in our breeding stock.

Navajo-Churro Ewes All photos are copyright 2017-2024 by Arriola Enterprises LLC

Meet some of our girls:

ArS Baby Surfer –

ArS Onaa and her ewe lamb ArS Ataleta
ArS Onaa
ArS Snow Girl
ArS Snowy Girl
ArS Clover and ArS Dusky Chloe (sisters)
ArS Ruby
CNF Jewel and AGR Curley
LiF Dotty
ArS Freya
ArS Midnight
ArS Moon Shadow
FSF Princess
FSF Princes
ArS Sandy Surfer
FSF Sasha
ArS Sheila
ArS Sierra
ArS Daphne
ArS Smokey Blue
AGR Lucky Uno
AGR Lady and her ewe lamb
ArS Sandy Surfer and a ewe Lamb
ArS Dusky Chloe and her ewe and ram lambs from Malcom
ArS Pretty Girl, 7 month old ewe lamb.

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