Grass Fed Butcher Lambs

If you are interested in ordering Navajo-Churro lamb, please use the contact us link to let us know.  We sell first come first serve.  Our next lambs will be ready for processing in February and March 2022.

Due to severe drought conditions we will have only 7 lambs available next spring.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested.  Contact us for specific details.

We DO NOT ship or store meat.  However we will work with you on picking up your meat at our processor, Sunnyside Meats in Durango Colorado.

The price for a whole Lamb is $300 to  $375  based on weight at time of slaughter. You may choose a larger or smaller animal depending on availability.  You are responsible for paying slaughter and processing fees.  We will deliver your lamb for processing to Sunnyside Meats in Durango CO This is offered as a convenience to our customers at no charge (normally$25). You will be responsible for paying Sunnyside Meats for slaughter fee and cut/wrap fees – this will depend on size of animal and how you have your meat cut and wrapped but averages $90. See Sunnyside Meats website for details on processing options.  You will be responsible for picking your meat up when it is done.  The average yield is 25-45 pounds (in the box) depending on size of animal and how you have your meat cut and wrapped and if you also use the specialty meats (liver, heart etc.)
Contact us if interested and we will send you detailed ordering information.

Reserve a freezer lamb.